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Why do we have corporate income tax anyways?

3 minute read

There is a lot being written about corporate tax optimisation/evasion these days both in Europe and in the US. This begs for a more general question, why do ...

Synology rsync and non standard ports

1 minute read

Recently running rsync to my Synology diskstation stopped working. I had just changed my default SSH port to a non standard one. Learn how to fix it. Synolo...

Asciidoc folding for Vim

1 minute read

I just learned about the ability to fold in Vim. For mere mortals, it means hiding parts of the file. Here is a code to put in your .vimrc to allow folding ...

Adding color to Maven output

2 minute read

Maven is quite verbose. Finding the useful information when the test fails requires you to squint eyes. Unless, you bring some coloring to the massive Maven ...