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Securing SSH and commits with a FIDO2 key

6 minute read

If you are curious or interested in FIDO2 security keys and how to use them as SSH keys or to sign your Git commits, this is the blog for you. If you are usi...

Installing Ruby on Apple Silicon

1 minute read

I have been struggling to install Ruby on Apple Silicon, this was due to an OpenSSL version misalignment. This entry can be useful to you in this situations....

Signing Git commits with SSH keys

2 minute read

Today I learned that you could sign your Git commits not only via a gpg key but also via a ssh key. Let’s see how. GPG keys and Git signing I’ve never ha...

Taurus K320 as a mechanical keyboard

2 minute read

For people old enough to have used the IBM keyboards you could stop a tank with, a mechanical keyboard is an achievement in life you are striving for. Like m...

BTRFS vs Ext4 for a NAS

1 minute read

Assuming you have a new NAS for your backups and personal files hosting. Which file system should you use: BTRFS or Ext4? This is a surprisingly unsettled qu...