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Signing Git commits with SSH keys

2 minute read

Today I learned that you could sign your Git commits not only via a gpg key but also via a ssh key. Let’s see how. GPG keys and Git signing I’ve never ha...

Taurus K320 as a mechanical keyboard

2 minute read

For people old enough to have used the IBM keyboards you could stop a tank with, a mechanical keyboard is an achievement in life you are striving for. Like m...

BTRFS vs Ext4 for a NAS

1 minute read

Assuming you have a new NAS for your backups and personal files hosting. Which file system should you use: BTRFS or Ext4? This is a surprisingly unsettled qu...

Java LTS - perspective of a library author

5 minute read

I have had intuitively mixed feelings with the proposed 2 years Long Term Support plan of OpenJDK (from 3 today) so I wanted to write down what was causing i...