My thoughts on various subjects. I particularly love hacking my work. Either by methodology or by improving my tools. Check out this list of tags / subjects.

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Jekyll – A new blog infrastructure

4 minute read

After 8 and a half venerable years of service, I’ve retired my Awestruct based blog and migrated it to Jekyll. Read on for some feedback. The blog virus has...

Super ultra wide screen

3 minute read

I recently changed my desktop monitor to a super ultra wide 49” and I love it. Here is why. My venerable 27” Dell was becoming dangerously flaky, this led m...

macOS powerline and Python interpreters

1 minute read

tl;dr; using powerline and having it fail after a homebrew update? Read on. If you have tuned a bit your terminal in macOS, you might be using Powerline. It...

tig and add interactive

1 minute read

Tig is a textual GUI for git which lets you manipulate your git repo like GitX or SourceTree but without leaving your terminal. In particular, you can “graph...