This book published by Manning aims at being a practical guide and a reference guide for Hibernate Search. Hibernate Search is a full-text search library for Hibernate applications.

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Good search capability is one of the primary demands of a business application. Engines like Lucene provide a great starting point, but with complex applications it can be tricky to implement. It’s tough to keep the index up to date, deal with the mismatch between the index structure and the domain model, handle querying conflicts, and so on.

Hibernate Search is an enterprise search tool based on Hibernate Core and Apache Lucene. It provides full text search capabilities for Hibernate-based applications without the infrastructural code required by other search engines. With this free, open-source technology, you can quickly add high-powered search features in an intelligent, maintainable way.

Hibernate Search in Action is a practical, example-oriented guide for Java developers with some background in Hibernate Core. As the first book to cover Hibernate Search, it guides you through every step to set up full text search functionality in your Java applications. The book also introduces core search techniques and reviews the relevant parts of Lucene, in particular the query capabilities.

Hibernate Search in Action also provides a pragmatic, how-to exploration of more advanced topics such as Search clustering. For anyone using Hibernate or JBoss Seam, this book is the definitive guide on how to add or enhance search features in their applications.

Buying the book

You can buy the book on Amazon in paper format, or buy the PDF (or PDF + paper) version at Manning.

Source code

You can download the source code at

For help on Hibernate Search, go to the Hibernate forums. For help on the book, go to the book forum hosted at Manning


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