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I love what my Kindle did to my life

3 minute read

I have been a rather early adopter of ebook readers. The Sony PRS-505. But I gave it to my wife and moved on to read on my iPad instead: The whole buying boo...

Fiscalité globale en France

3 minute read

J’ai toujours été intéressé par la répartition de la fiscalité en fonction des revenus en France. Et là vous me dîtes : Hum quoi?! Si l’économie et la ...


1 minute read

J’ai eu la chance d’interviewer Tariq Krim pour les cast codeurs et j’ai attrapé un peu de son virus / engouement pour changer les choses. Je suis très conte...

Split a commit in two with Git

2 minute read

Ever wanted a commit was actually made of two? Read on. There are several reasons why you could wish a commit was actually made of several distinct ones: ...

Can you spot the problem?

1 minute read

I am working on Hibernate Search’s ability to provide field bridge autodiscovery. I am usually pretty OK at getting a green bar on first run but I got out of...