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Hibernate Search talk at JAX '07

less than 1 minute read

One feature request for Hibernate Search has been surprisingly pretty popular: support for indexed embedded collections and hence correlated queries involvin...

Licensing and trademark

4 minute read

There has been lots of turmoils last week on two not so related subjects. Let's clarify them a bit.LGPL rights and dutyLot's have been said about this licens...

Google Guice: IoC revisited

1 minute read

Google has made public his IoC container. It's all annotations based, no more strings, no more XML.Some key concepts:Avoid string based injection which are e...

Hibernate + Seam team meetup in San Fransisco

less than 1 minute read

This is a pretty rare event, (almost) all the Hibernate + Seam team will be together in San Fransisco end of this week.We organize a meetup on Friday (March ...

SVN: false promises

1 minute read

I've had to do a massive project refactoring. To be more specific, I had to split Hibernate Annotations in several pieces and make Hibernate Validator and Hi...