Using vim and Evernote

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I like Evernote because all my notes are in a single place and I can access it from everywhere (desktop, phone). I use it very much as my GTD reference material. But the editor is subpar compared to vim though - what isn’t?


I found a way to edit my Evernote notes in vim. I use Geeknote and specifically this fork.

git clone
python2 build
pip2 install --upgrade .

(I forgot to do the last line and it created a lot of pains. I also tried the brew formulae but did not work for me.)

You need to log in and select vim as your editor

geeknote login
geeknote settings --editor vim

And from there, you’re good to go to edit notes

geeknote edit --note "Moon project meeting"

And boom. I personally can now edit my notes in Asciidoc markup and be happy :)


There is a more advanced integration with vim: vim-geeknote. I am not sure I like it but I’m exploring it. It gives a navigation panel inside vim.

Make sure to set it to use the plain format and not the markdown one. Otherwise, all your notes will look weird back in Evernote.

" in your vim.rc
" Geeknote options
let g:GeeknoteFormat="plain"
" filter the relevent notebooks
let g:GeeknoteNotebookFilters=[ "my notebook" ]
" do syntax highlighting with asciidoc syntax
autocmd FileType geeknote set syntax=asciidoc

Perfect solution / future

I initially thought about keeping all my notes in sync in a directory with each note exported as Asciidoc, but I found geeknote before going in development tunnel.

I don’t think I really need the directory sync but I would like to be able to have the note as a file that I can render via Asciidoctor (e.g. asciidoctor.js).