Installing po2xml and xml2pot on Mac OS X

less than 1 minute read

Hibernate documentation system uses po2xml and xml2pot to build translations. Unfortunately, Homebrew does not have a formula for it and I don’t think I have the knowledge to work on such thing.

The solution is to install Macport. There is a nice UI installer. Make sure to chose the one specific to your Max OS X version.

MacPort does change your .bash_profile. Because I want to give Homebrew’s executable priority, I make sure to put Macport changes after homebrew in the PATH variables.

Update Macport

sudo port -v selfupdate

Then install po2xml. Unfortunately, po2xml does not come as standalone package, you have to install all of KDE

sudo port install kdesdk4

Then wait for freaking ever for everything to compile. By the way, source packaging is not eco-friendly. Think about the amount of CPU needed every time you update some package…

Once that is done, add po2xml and xml2pot to your path


And you are good to go!