Bash script to expand file templates

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I am working on pushing all my “dotfiles” into a Git repo. Some contains passwords or other private data. It took me longer than expected to write an expander script in bash. So here it is.

Properties are stored as Java properties.


The template uses the $placeholder syntax.

# .gitconfig file
    name = Emmanuel Bernard
    user = emmanuelbernard
    token = $gittoken 
    co = checkout
    undo = reset --hard
    cb = checkout -b
    br = branch
    cp = cherry-pick
    complex-backup-link = $backup_destination

The script is used like

./ <properties file> <template> <destination>

# For example
./ ~/ ~/templates/gitconfig ~/.gitconfig

The script itself is fairly compact though some parts were fairly tricky

  • thanks stackoverflow :) :

    #!/bin/bash # # Released under the WTFPL license version 2 # Copyright (c) 2012 Emmanuel Bernard # —– # Usage:

    #help if [[ $# -ne 3 ]]; then echo “

    echo Expanding $2 to $3 with properties from $1

    #read each line including the last one while IFS=$’\n’ read -r line || [[ -n “$line” ]]; do #get the property name before the first = property=${line%%=} #get the value after the first = value=${line#=}

      #find a suitable separation character as the value might contain /
      candidates='/:.|@#%^&;,!~abcABC'  # candidates for separation character
      char=$(echo "$candidates" | tr -d "$line")  
      char=${char:0:1}   # choose the first candidate that doesn't appear in the user input
      if [ -z "$char" ]    # this test checks for exhaustion of the candidate character set
          echo "Unusable user input: $line"
          exit 1
      #add regexp rule
      SEDEXEC="s${char}\$$property${char}$value${char}g;$SEDEXEC"   done < $1

    SEDEXEC=”sed -e ‘$SEDEXEC’ $2 > $3” eval $SEDEXEC

For simplicity, I have put the script in a GitHub gist. Please fork, improve and give me feedback :)